Why no politician ever tries to stop foreclosure fraud

https://newrepublic.com/article/144230/lefts-misguided-debate-kamala-harris The Left’s Misguided Debate Over Kamala Harris My article about a bank’s law-breaking during the housing crisis became a political football, obscuring the real issue at hand. By David Dayen August 8, 2017 Back in January, after Donald Trump had nominated Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary, I uncovered a leaked document from the California […]

via David Dayen at New Republic: Every day in America, somebody gets tossed out of a home based on false documents — Livinglies’s Weblog

Great article. It seems clear to me that no politician from either major party intends to do anything about the rampant foreclosure fraud being committed on a daily basis by the big banks as they know that the first politician that does will find Wall Street and the big banks financing their opponents in the next election. Very few, if any, politicians can get elected to a national office without taking money from the big corporations and Wall Street. Until that changes foreclosure fraud will continue.