MERS is hiding their true owners

By The LendingLies Team In an ongoing California Appeal (that will go unnamed at this time), a homeowner’s attorney obtained a routine MERS corporate disclosure statement in response to an opening appellate brief he had filed. The attorney shared the disclosure statement with a colleague in Hawaii who noticed that MERS claimed it was owned […]

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If only more judges would pay attention to this information it could well turn out to be a real “smoking gun” find.

Robinson v. MERS Case is now docketed with the United States Supreme Court

BREAKING NEWS — The case of Daniel and Darla Robinson has now been docketed with the United States Supreme Court, Docket #16-1127. The 66-page Writ of Certiorari can be viewed here: 1. Petition for Writ (re USCA9 Case No. 15-55347) The key question presented here is: Whether Respondent, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., which is identified […]


Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules against JPMorgan Chase

The 9th Circuit has laid bare its frustration — and that of thousands of other judges — with the inability to get a straight answer on modification, the collection of trial payments, and the damage caused by misleading statements or outright misrepresentation, whether negligent or intentional. This explicitly opens the door for homeowner actions in […]

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Transferring servicing rights to avoid loan modification applications

Attorney Patricia Rodriguez will join Neil Garfield Live Tonight on the Neil Garfield Show at 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific). Please read Patricia’s story below at Thursdays LIVE! Click in to the The Neil Garfield Show Or call in at (347) 850-1260, 6pm Eastern Thursdays The Transferring of Servicing Rights to Avoid Reviewing Complete […]

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California and Federal litigation

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